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In 1999, a small group of Appalachian writers decided to establish a press with the aim of publishing their work as it relates to the region and to the environment.  After nineteen years, twenty-one volumes have been completed, which is impressive, considering the Press's limited means.  

The name of the press comes from a mountain in southern West Virginia. Blair is the divide between two watersheds, westward into Logan County and the Guyandotte River and eastward into Boone County and the Little Coal River. On its slopes in 1921, 10,000 coal miners battled 3000 state police, deputies, mine guards and Federal troops in a war over unionization of the miners.

In 1972 on Buffalo Creek, a few miles from Blair, 125 people were drowned and 4000 left homeless when two slurry dams collapsed and flooded the hollow with black, viscous water.

Blair Mountain is now being threatened with mountaintop removal coal mining. Additionally, due to the efforts of Massey Energy (Alpha Natural Resources), Arch Coal and Natural Resource Partners, the state of West Virginia has asked the National Park Service to remove Blair Mountain from its Register of Historic Places.  Please go to the Sierra Club Site for information on the mountain's destruction. Please support the efforts to prevent further decimation of the environment.



The Strawberry Moon

by Victor M. Depta

2017 ISBN 978-0-9861789-1-7

Letters to Buddha

by Victor M. Depta

2015  ISBN  978-0-9768817-9-7

Ghost Dance Poems

by Edwina Pendarvis

2015  ISBN 978-0-9861789-0-0

Poems: What Love Is 

by Victor Marshall Depta

2013   ISBN  978-0-9768817-8-0

Twofold Consciousness: Poetry and Essays on Mysticism

by Victor Marshall Depta

2012 ISBN 978-0-9768817-7-3

Brother and Sister: A Memoir

by Victor M. Depta

2011   ISBN 978-0-9768817-6-6

The Dancing Dragon Poems

by Victor M. Depta

2010  ISBN 978-0-9768817-5-9

Raft Tide and Railroad 

by Edwina Pendarvis 

2008  ISBN 978-0-9768817-4-2

House of the Moon

by Vasek Drobny

2008  ISBN  978-0-9768817-3-5

An Afterthought of Light

by Victor Depta

2007  ISBN  978-0-9768817-2-8

Coal: A Poetry Anthology

Chris Green, Editor

2006  ISBN  0-8768817-1-3

The Simultaneous Mountain: Essays on Poetry and Mysticism

by Victor Depta

2005  ISBN  0-9768817-0-5

The Little Henry Poems

by Victor Depta

2005  ISBN  0-9666609-9-7

A West Virginia Trilogy

by Victor Depta

2004  ISBN  0-9666608-8-9

Like the Mountains of China

by Edwina Pendarvis

2003  ISBN 0-9666608-7-0

Mountains and Clouds: Four Comedies

by Victor Depta

2003  ISBN  0-9666608-6-2

Azrael on the Mountain

by Victor Depta

2002  ISBN  978-0-9666608-5-2

Preparing a Room

by Victor Depta

2001  ISBN  0-9666608-4-6

Plays from Blair Mountain: Four Comedies

by Victor Depta

2000  ISBN 0-9666608-3-8

The Silence of Blackberries

by Victor Depta

1999  ISBN  0-9666608-0-3

In Praise of Motels

by Pamela Steed Hill

1999  ISBN  0-9666608-1-1

The Helen Poems

by Victor Depta

Ion Books  1994  ISBN 0-938507-22-2

A Doorkeeper in the House

by Victor Depta

Ion Books  1993  ISBN  0-938507-21-4

The House

by Victor Depta

New Rivers Press  1978  ISBN  0-912284-93-5

The Creek

by Victor Depta

Ohio University Press  1973  

ISBN  8214-0121-1

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